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Famous particularly for its vibrant markets of Marrakesh, Morocco is an incredible country with plenty to offer visitors. The countryside is spectacular, with golden beaches lining both Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, vast and seemingly endless stretches of Saharan desert (where you can partake in several adventure activities, including camel rides and quad biking).

Exquisite mountainous regions include the famous peaks of High Atlas, Rif, and Anti-Atlas, and even lush forest hills with waterfalls and caves. Go shopping at the fascinating souks in popular malls and sort through a wide assortment of beautiful ceramics, baskets, jewellery, leather goods and carpets. Indulge in the delicious Moroccan dishes of stews and couscous, with a range of locally-raised meat, and sample some of the mint tea that will typically accompany your meals, adding more flavour to your Moroccan holiday.

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located in Northern Africa, and has a coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea, and shares it’s borders with Algeria and the Western Sahara.

It’s easily accessible from Gibraltar, so you could even take a trip to Morocco on your way to or from Europe (it’s a 1.5 hour ferry between Gibraltar and Tangier). Travelers sometimes decide to group Spain, Portugal and Morocco together into one trip due to their proximity to eachother.

Top places to visit in Morocco


Located in western Morocco, Marrakech is a popular destination and gives travelers a great taste of Moroccan culture and history, with it’s traditional and lively souks, charming streets, and the medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This is the city which is a port on the Strait of Gibraltar, an easy way to get in to Morocco if you fancied getting the ferry or taking a roadtrip from Europe.

There is so much to see, such as the legendary bookshop ‘Librairie des Colonnes’, lively tourist hotspots, museums, colonial buildings and a hub of other cultural attractions.


The picture above is probably one of the most recognizable views of Morocco – a colorful tannery in the middle of Fez, which is just one of the ways Fez delivers authentic, traditional Morocco. Explore this city and you’ll smell the aromatic spice stalls, the tannery’s and the faint smell of cooking tagine. You’ll see intricately detailed architecture, artisans hard at work along the streets, and rows of minarets surrounded by fountains. Fez is bursting with life, colour, sights, smells and sounds.

Chefchaouen “The Famous Blue City”

The picturesque village’s old buildings are the perfect place to take some time out of the chaotic Moroccan cities, wander around taking photos and absorbing the beauty and charm of the area.

It lies beneath the stunning Rif Mountains, and locals are known to be friendly to the tourists, as opposed to hassling them.

Morocco Facts

Cost of Beer in Morocco

A bottle of local Moroccan beer costs 25MAD on average (around $2.60). The most popular beer in Morocco is actually Heineken, which is brewed locally under the supervision of the company.

Cost of food in Morocco

A cheap meal in a Moroccan restaurant averages at around 30MAD. Street food is very popular in Morocco, and it can cost as little as 5MAD (approx 53c). Local delicacies include snail soup in Marrakech, Chebakia (syrupy cookie goodness) and of course, fresh orange juice.

Morocco Hotel Cost

For a mid-range room in a hotel or guesthouse, you’ll pay anywhere between 500-1400MAD per night (approx $52-$150).

Taxi Cost in Morocco

Taxis start from 1.60MAD (approx 17c) and at night the price of all taxis double.

Transport Cost in Morocco

There are a few different ways to get around Morocco. In the city just use a taxi to get around. You can get around by train or bus, with a one-way ticket starting at 5MAD (around 53c).

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