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Don’t overlook this small country when travelling through Central America. At least try the warm waters of Los Cóbanos with coral reefs, see the underwater rock formations and ancient, eerie shipwrecks. If you are a sucker for surfing, head off to La Libertad where surfers from all over the world gather to catch a party wave. Ferns, orchids and moss overhang from volcanic cliffs where waterfalls cascade into natural pools. Spider monkeys and anteaters inhabit the dank rainforests in El Imposible National Park, together with the great Curassow and King Vulture. So spread your wings a bit and fly over.

Central America

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  • Experience the best of Northern Brazil on this two-week adventure from radiant Rio to the hustle and bustle of Fortaleza. Discover picture-perfect beaches in Jericoacoara, swim under waterfalls, trek in the beautiful Chapada do Diamantina National Park and party like the locals in some of the best hotspots around. This is a journey bursting with coastal vistas, charismatic cities and cultural delights.

    StartsRio de Janeiro, Brazil
    EndsFortaleza, Brazil
    Duration14 days
    Tour OperatorIntrepid Travel
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