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Bhutan is a small Himalayan country in Asia surrounded by mountains and is a peaceful, spiritual home, not only to the people, but to the animals as well. The hardwood forests provide food and shelter to tigers, leopards, sloth bears and one-horned rhinoceros. Experience the Himalayan black bear, sambar deer, barking deer and wild pig feasting on fruit-bearing trees and succulent bamboo. If the variety of wild animals doesn’t grab you, then the wild colourful dancing of the Buddhists in the street certainly will.

East Asia

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  • StartsParo, Bhutan
    EndsParo, Bhutan
    Duration9 days
    Tour OperatorPeregrine
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  • Bhutan is the little secret of Asia. Overshadowed and nestled between China and India, it is a relatively new travel spot, with many undiscovered secrets in its natural scenery and quiet townships. The land is dotted with red-clothed monks, ancient Buddhist temples and friendly smiles. It is one calm country, where gross national happiness is more important than money, where chillies are used as a vegetable rather than for spice, and the thunder dragon, Druk, is emblazoned on the national flag, symbolising the people of Bhutan: loyal, patriotic and living with a total sense of belonging within the kingdom.

    StartsThimphu, Bhutan
    EndsParo, Bhutan
    Duration7 days
    Tour OperatorIntrepid Travel
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