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About us

So, what do we believe in?

We feel the world needs more people caring about one another and helping each other learn more through sharing of experiences. Travelling around the world and meeting different cultures has shown us that we are aren’t alone and we have great things to learn from each other.

We are here to help find your path in this world, by passionately guiding you on a journey of a lifetime with like-minded people.

What makes us tick?

Sharing our experiences and passion to help you find yours.

How do we help you?

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your biggest journey yet – self discovery through travel!

In a world where your time is precious, we save you a lot of time and provide the honest information you need to make the right choice to suit your budget, timeline and soul.

Who are we? is a brand of Escape 4 Africa Travel, which started in 2007 in the sunny city of Cape Town, South Africa. Escape 4 Africa Travel runs a number of travel websites including the leader in African budget overland tours,

The team is made up of massively experienced round the world travellers, ex-guides, travel writers and techies that are all passionate about getting out and exploring this amazing planet.



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