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Luxor-Aswan Experience – Independent

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StartsLuxor, Egypt
EndsAswan, Egypt
RegionMiddle East & North Africa
Duration5 days
Tour OperatorPeregrine
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Day 1 - Starting: Luxor - Nile Cruise & Finishing: Luxor - Nile Cruise

This Independent Experience begins in the open air museum of Luxor, your gateway to the treasures of the Nile; a vibrant place with an excellent bazaar, situated close to some of ancient Egypt's most important and extraordinary sights. On arrival, you will be met by a Peregrine representative and transferred to your Nile cruise boat, which will be your home for the next four nights, with your cabin ready by approximately 12pm. You can then relax by the pool on the boat or explore the town. Later in the day you will a take horse-drawn carriages to Karnak, one of the world's most celebrated temple complexes, a house of the gods built over a period of some 200 years. Your guided tour of this vast temple of impressive pylons, obelisks and chapels will reveal its finest sections, such as the Avenue of Sphinxes and the Great Temple of Amun. For the rest of the afternoon and evening you will be free to relax, shop in the bazaar (open until quite late) or perhaps experience the atmosphere of a local teahouse. Notes: Audits were carried out on balloon operators within Egypt to confirm the safety of their operations; unfortunately we were not able to ascertain the safety standards of these balloon operators. Therefore, we are not able to recommend or assist in the booking of any balloon excursions.

Day 2 - Starting: Luxor - Nile Cruise & Finishing: Luxor - Nile Cruise

Rise early this morning and head into the Valley of the Kings. Buried under the arid hills here are over 60 tombs of pharaohs, many richly decorated with reliefs and paintings. Explore this sprawling and spectacular place, where the pharaohs of the New Kingdom (16th to 11th century BC) were secretly interred for all eternity, and where discoveries are still being made. Tutankhamun's final resting place is also located here, and you'll have free time to visit it. Your guide will explain the funerary rites of the ancient Egyptians and the significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics, still well preserved in the deepest tombs. You will visit three of the extraordinary royal tombs and then continue to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a stunning colonnaded building set against high cliffs that create a spectacular natural amphitheatre. Your final stop is the Colossi of Memnon – giant statues that were once part of an impressive colonnade. Enjoy lunch upon your return to the boat. There is time to relax on deck or in your cabin before you set sail for Edfu. Generally the journey from Luxor to Edfu is from 1 pm to 11 pm. Departure time may vary, depending on river traffic – please refer to the note regarding cruise schedules in the 'Other Information' section. You will pass through Esna Lock, which can sometimes be a slow process depending on the number of vessels waiting to get through, and continue your journey upstream. Notes: Entry to Tutankhamun's small tomb is quite limited and incurs an additional cost.

Day 3 - Starting: Nile Cruise (Edfu - Komombo) & Finishing: Nile Cruise (Edfu - Komombo)

Morning finds you moored near Edfu, a beautifully preserved temple dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed god. You will disembark and explore the temple and its exquisite wall reliefs, than get acquainted the lively town centre and its bazaar. Return to the cruise boat where you’ll continue travelling downriver, relaxing on the sundeck and taking in the surrounding sights – desert hills forming a backdrop to lush riverbanks, fishermen casting their nets and farmers working their land. After arriving at Komombo around 4 pm, take a short walk around the Temple of Sobek (the crocodile-headed god), which sits picturesquely ruined on the river's edge. The temple is a mirror image, divided down the middle, and includes details on the Ancient Egyptian's relationship with crocodiles, whom they revered and feared in equal measure. Board your boat again at around 6pm and continue to Aswan, arriving at around 9.30pm.

Day 4 - Starting: Aswan - Nile Cruise & Finishing: Aswan - Nile Cruise

Explore Aswan today, Egypt's southernmost city. Its easy-going charm is due in no small part to its large Nubian population. Depending on your arrival time, you may visit the beautiful Temple of Isis (the Goddess of health, marriage and wisdom), which was rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and relocated on Philae Island. It's a marvel of decorative pylons featuring some of Egypt's finest carvings – definitely one of the real gems of Upper Egypt. Here you can discover more about Isis – daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky – and see reliefs depicting the story of her son Horus. The rest of your day will be free to wander, and Aswan is a great place for it. The Nubian Bazaar, with its intoxicating mix of sights, smells and sounds, is a must, while many recommend the excellent Nubian Museum. The waterfront promenade, or Aswan's 'corniche', runs alongside one of Nile's most appealing stretches and is the perfect place to stop for a mint tea. Watch the waterfront come alive at dusk, as families are out strolling, socialising and relaxing along the corniche.

Day 5 - Starting: Aswan & Finishing: Aswan

Today you will disembark the cruise boat, where your tour ends after breakfast. You will be transferred to either the airport, railway station or an Aswan hotel for your ongoing arrangements.

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More Information

The myth surrounding King Tutankhamun is one that keeps unfolding. In the absence of any record of his last days, all kinds of theories about the cause of his death have arisen, from murder to malaria. The latest came in 2012 when the London lecturer and surgeon Hutan Ashrafianargued that the Ancient Egyptian king died from a fall during an epileptic seizure.


  • Edfu and Komombo temples
  • The Valley of the Kings
  • Nubean Aswan
  • Nile cruise
  • Luxor’s open air museum


– The services of an expert English-speaking local tour guide.- Sightseeing (including entrance fees where applicable).- 4-night Nile River cruise.- Arrival & departure transfer.


This trip can be run with a minimum of one person providing a solo traveller surcharge is paid in addition to the tour price and single supplement.

Additional Accommodation

Extend your holiday by booking some pre or post tour accommodation – ask us or your travel agent.

Day 1 Included Activities

  • Karnak Temple

Day 1 Accommodation

Riverboat (1 nights)

Day 2 Included Activities

  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley of the Kings (3 tombs)
  • Hatshepsut Temple

Day 2 Accommodation

Riverboat (1 nights)

Day 3 Included Activities

  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley of the Kings (3 tombs)
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Edfu Temple
  • Kom Ombo Temple

Day 3 Accommodation

Riverboat (1 nights)

Day 4 Included Activities

  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley of the Kings (3 tombs)
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Edfu Temple
  • Kom Ombo Temple
  • Philae Temple

Day 4 Accommodation

Riverboat (1 nights)

Day 5 Included Activities

  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley of the Kings (3 tombs)
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Edfu Temple
  • Kom Ombo Temple
  • Philae Temple

Day 5 Optional Activities

  • Aswan to Abu Simbel: return flights and entrance fee (book with - prices from approx) - 320
  • Aswan to Abu Simbel: return transport by bus & entrance fee (price from per person - minimum 4 passengers) - 90

Included Meals

Breakfast: 4

Lunch: 4

Dinner: 4

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